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Video Analysis Software


Recording role plays, presentations, case studies and business simulations, for analysis and subsequent feedback,

has always been an onerous task. Finding the exact spot to replay and being able to use the analysis and provide

effective feedback can sometimes be very time consuming and often almost impossible.

Video Analysis software now provides the perfect solution to these previous challenges. Based on the world

renowned Sportscode product, which is used by the world's top sports' organisations and universities for

skills analysis,  Studiocode performs a similar job in the corporate world.

Analysis Pro is the latest methodology for recording, analysing, and providing accurate feedback on role plays, presentations and business simulations.

Analysis Pro is an innovative technology that has revolutionised the way people look at video analysis.

If you use video for Training programmes, Interviewing, Coaching or recording specific events,

then Studiocode genuinely makes video analysis easy, accurate, versatile and effective.

It is software which operates on a Mac or Windows platform and provides trainers and consultants with

a significantly enhanced ability to provide objective feedback for training participants. 

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