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Our Clients

It would be easy for us to list all the companies we have and are currently working with. However,

we recognise the confidential requirements of all our clients. If we do start talking with you we will be

happy to provide you with a list of companies who would be pleased to provide you with a reference.

You will certainly recognise the names of our clients, they are amongst some the the world's top organisations.

We work across the world and currently have ongoing projects in UK, US, Australia, Denmark,

Moscow, Netherlands, Spain, France, Germany, Bahrain, KSA, and UAE.


Napier Associates has and is working with some of the top companies in the Banking,

(Investment, Corporate, Private and Asset Management), Finance, Insurance, Legal, Consulting,

Real Estate,Oil and Gas and Telecoms sectors.

We work with both large and small companies; domestic and international; start-ups and long established.

Having worked extensively in these sectors, we are able to share best practice with our clients and

demonstrate a real understanding of what they do.

We prefer to decline business if we think we are not going to be the best organisation available

to a particular client

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