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Napier Associates is focused on providing effective and professional training and Mentoring services in the

field of Business Improvement and Skills Development.

Retaining existing clients as well as developing new ones is still of paramount importance to all organisations.

Just a slight improvement in these areas can result in significant bottom line increases.

The skills required are not 'rocket science', but if they are not implemented effectively your investment

can be wasted.


With a successful track record of over 30 years, working with some of the world's most successful companies,

we are confident we can develop Mentoring and Training solution which will exceed your expectations.

Utilising The Core Asset and Analysis Pro, one of the world's most effective video analysis training software

packages, we bring a level of professionalism rarely seen in the corporate environment.

Our areas of expertise include Sales,Negotiating,Presentations, Sales Coaching and Performance Improvement

Skills, - Training and Consultancy. Being an expert in just a few areas is better than having some knowledge in many!

We do not have standard Mentoring and Training programmes, each client is different, has different requirements

and therefore requires different solutions.

Choosing a Mentoring or Training provider is a difficult task. You have so many to choose from, all suggesting

they have the answer to your challenges. Talk to us when you have tried the others and you will see the difference.


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